A strange video shows the most advanced robot speaking multiple languages and dialects!

A video of an artificial intelligence robot that is two minutes and 35 seconds long has garnered over two hundred thousand views in the four days since it was broadcasted live. Researchers shared the clip of the world’s most advanced robot, which can speak several different languages and dialects, according to the British website “The Sun”.

Last weekend, “Ameca,” created by the UK-based company Engineered Arts, revealed itself as a multilingual robot in a new video. The robot claimed it can speak several languages before mastering Japanese, German, Chinese, and French, as well as various English dialects including British and American English.

Additionally, the advanced robot’s language skills were tested by researchers who asked it a number of questions and requests. After successfully answering all the inquiries, the robot said in a British accent, “It was my pleasure speaking with you.


It is worth noting that the robot was first unveiled in February 2022 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

It is powered by advanced speech algorithms that help it create dynamic facial expressions.

Engineered Arts also revealed that the speech patterns in the android are not pre-generated.

Since its unveiling, “Ameca” has been dubbed the “most advanced humanoid robot in the world.

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