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How to control your curls?

Whether your hair is naturally wavy or not, curls are a must for all beautistas! The proof: Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and Katie Holmes love them, and proudly flaunt their curly hair on the red carpet in recent weeks. How to discipline them?

First, make sure you prep your hair well to avoid frizz. When they are washed, in order to embrace your natural curls, it is good to use a diffuser on the hair dryer. Put it on low speed or heat, or cold if possible, in order to get well-formed curls. Katie Allan, Creative Manager at Charles Worthington, recommends avoiding angling your hairdryer up and against the cuticles to prevent frizz. “Don't dry the hair 100%, as that will also cause frizz, dry it 70-90%, and let the rest dry naturally,” she told Cover Media.

To keep hair looking great between washes, she also recommends wrapping it around your head overnight. Start by combing with a flat or soft brush and curl the hair flat, following its natural curves in circular motions, so that the mid-lengths are flat. Then take a turban, and wrap it over the head so that the hair stays smooth overnight.

A few more tips: if you want a little boost in your curls, Katie Allan also suggests that you ask your hairstylist to remove volume and length "so that the curls stand individually rather than in thickness". On the other hand, if you prefer to be able to wear your hair straight at times, you need to keep it length and thickness, so only remove weight to refine the shape and minimize the amount of hair.

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