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Beauty of the Maghreb: The secrets of yesteryear, recipes that work!

The manufacturers of the most modern beauty products did not invent anything, they were inspired by the beauty recipes of our grandmothers. From argan oil to rose water, these secrets are a real legacy passed down from mother to daughter among the Maghreb people.

The Maghreb people are reputed to have a sensual and refined world. They are very attached to the softness of their skin, the shine of their hair and the beauty of their eyes.

Why then ruin ourselves in cosmetic products, let us instead be inspired by the know-how of yesteryear, rediscover pure raw materials, learn to make our own mixtures and forget the cosmetics industry which sells us at a high price their mediocre manufactured care? .

An angelic face

Rhassoul and black seed oil for oily skin, rose water and orange blossom hydrosol for sensitive skin and argan oil to prevent skin aging.

If you have oily skin, mix the juice of half a lemon with a tablespoon of rose water.

Dry skin will find its happiness in a tablespoon of honey mixed with rose water. To forget the first wrinkles, beat an egg white until stiff and mix with argan oil.

Eyes that kill

The kohl, which our grandmas loved, is marketed nowadays in pencil form, it may be more practical but it does not offer the benefits of this small powder which protects against infections, cleans the eyes and enlarges the eyes.

If your lashes are neither long nor full, you can apply castor oil at night. For more effectiveness, use a mascara brush.

And then one of the most kept secrets: date stones! Dried, burned and then crushed, the powder is used as kohl. It makes it possible to enlarge the eyes, to treat infections, but also to grow eyelashes. As for sensitive or tired eyes, a cotton ball soaked in rose water will give them strength and radiance.

Princess hair

Argan oil, applied generously to the hair, leaves it supple and silky. You can also apply a drop of this precious oil on your hairbrush for more shine. Black seed oil applied as a hair mask stops hair loss Castor oil speeds up growth.

The classic henna helps to heal, beautify and color the hair. Be careful, it is especially suitable for oily hair, since it dries out the hair, if you have dry hair add a vegetable oil of your choice.

Baby skin

The hammam remains sacred among the most modern North Africans, it is often nicknamed "silent doctor" for its anti-stress virtues. The heat opens the pores and prepares the skin for care. Black soap flushes out toxins and activates cell regeneration. In this sense, it is the oriental version of Western exfoliation products which are based on a mechanical action of small grains (aggressive for thin and fragile skin) black soap acts in a "chemical" way, due to its composition. It acts in depth offering Optimal efficiency. It is used with a kessa glove.

At home and without a hammam, you can easily exfoliate yourself with black soap by following these tips.

To avoid sweating, women used alum stone, this small white stone has healing and softening properties.



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