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10 good reflexes to have beautiful nails.

Whether you are a manicurist or not, having beautiful, clean nails that are well filed is essential in order not to appear neglected. To keep nails healthy, here are 10 reflexes that should become real beauty rules for all girls!




Rule # 1: take care of my tools

Nail clippers, nail files, cuticle pusher and other scissors must be disinfected before each use, otherwise there is a risk of micro-infections. Even more so if you share them with your family / spouse / roommate ’... they don’t sound like that, but they carry a lot of germs. Yuck!

Rule # 2: the lime is glass is my best friend

Metal files are very aggressive for the nails: they weaken them and increase the risk of breakage. More fragile, glass files are however softer and will give a cleaner look!

Rule # 3: I only file my nails one way

This is the most effective method of preventing the nails from breaking or splitting, while moving them back and forth will weaken them.

Rule # 4: I file all my nails the same way

Our nails do not all grow the same. Also, on the same hand, we can have two oval nails, one round and two square. So it's up to us to unify all this for a cleaner result!

Rule n ° 5: The base and the top coat: it is MANDATORY

top coat s it really worth repeating it once more? The primer protects our nails from some varnish that can bleed, and the top coat protects the polish to keep it from chipping. Result: our nails are more beautiful, longer!

Rule # 6: I hydrate my nails too

Every time I take off my polish, I give my nails a little hydration cure with special treatments or oils - jojoba, tiare or coconut work wonders. Not only will they be more resistant, but the cuticles will also look better!

Rule # 7: I am wary of glitter polish

vernis à paillettes Glitter polish, we love it, but when it comes to removing it, that's another story. The glitter may indeed scratch the surface of the nail, and therefore weaken it. So rather than scratching, we stick to the papillotes method.

Rule # 8: I wear shoes that fit my size

What does this have to do with nails? Shoes that are too small will squeeze the toes and increase the risk of ingrown toenails. The same goes for shoes with a pointed or narrow toe, to be worn in moderation!

Rule # 9: I avoid wetting my nails before a manicure

In other words: no shower or even hand washing for 30 minutes before a manicure. The moisture will create small bubbles in the nail polish and give the manicure a grainy appearance.

Rule # 10: I leave my nails at rest

Every ten days, we do without nail polish - even transparent! - for 48 hours to let the nails breathe.

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