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What your bedroom reveals about you

La chambre à coucher n'est pas seulement une des pièces essentielles de la maison. Elle peut être le reflet de votre personnalité. Voici quelques éléments qui peuvent trahir certains traits que vous tentiez de dissimuler.


1. The colors The colors you choose to paint your bedroom say a lot about you.

Red: you have a passionate, intense and warm side. You probably like adventure and thrills.
Green: you need stability. You like quiet moments.
Blue: your bedroom is a place of relaxation for you. You like
White or paintings instead of paint: you prefer to highlight the things you like in your room.
Beige: you like what is neutral, you avoid conflicts. You are a generous person.

2. Your bed is never made

Do you get out of bed and never take the time to replace the sheets and duvet? Either you're used to having someone else do it for you, or you're dealing with clutter.

3. Make way for exercise!

Are weights, an exercise ball and a stationary bike prominently in your room? This clearly reveals an obsession with the body, your appearance, your weight, your muscles ...

4. Pictures everywhere

Many photos adorn your room? It is your sentimental side that stands out! If there are pictures of your family members, your friends, then you genuinely care about them. A bit too much?

5. Large mirrors

Have you hung several large mirrors in this room? You have an exhibitionist side, especially during lovemaking!

6. The choice of sheets

Are your sheets black, satin or with a touch of velvet? This type of choice could illustrate your sexy and sensual side.

7. Doggies

Is your bedroom decorated in shades of pink and you still have soft toys on your bed? It is a very clear signal that you are not out of your childhood yet. And in the eyes of a man, it is undoubtedly anti-sexy!

8. The height of the ceiling

High ceilings boost creativity while low ceilings encourage attention to detail, research shows. But hey, you don't always choose the height of your ceiling!


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