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7 erogenous zones to know for ultimate pleasure

Don't miss any hot spots!

Instead of going straight ahead, explore every part of your partner's body. Many people forget that there are erogenous zones all over the body, from head to toe (literally), whereas if you dwell on these zones before getting to the heart of the matter, your partner will be panting with desire! Contrary to popular belief, these points are almost the same for men and women. Touch your partner in the right places ...

The mouth

Since a kiss is often the first point of contact before sex, lingering on your partner's mouth is a good way to put the two together in their mind.

For him: Keep it all wet! Be dynamic, play with your tongue and suck her lips.
For her: A little softness, stroke and massage her lips with yours, which you will keep very firm.

The neck

Stimulating the neck increases blood flow throughout the body which is the perfect preparation for sex!

For him: Alternate between kisses on the neck and delicate nibbles, the contrast is extremely exciting.
For her: Women also like a little vigor here. Nibble his neck up and down.


Nipples and their many nerve endings are one of the most sensitive areas in the body. They directly cause sexual arousal when stimulated.

For him: This area is sometimes forgotten in men, while for some of them it is as sensitive as that of women. With your fingertip, follow the contour of the nipple and kiss it gently.
For her: Some women have more sensitive nipples than others, start small and find out what pleases her.


There are millions of nerve endings on the buttocks and most people love the feeling of being touched there. Be playful!

For him: Massage his lower back and buttocks to get him in the mood.
For her: Squeeze that spot when she's looking after you to show her you like it.

The feet

Foot massage is a great way to turn your partner on, who would have thought? The skin of the feet is extremely sensitive to the touch.

For him: Suck his (clean) toes! He will immediately associate that with a fellatio, it will drive him crazy!
For her: Tickle, kiss and gently squeeze the skin of her feet and toes or massage them with a massage gel like Play Soothing 2 in 1.

The pelvic region

It makes sense, but the erogenous zones in this part of the body are different in men and women. The entire pelvic region, including the inner thighs, is very sensitive and feels intense when stimulated. But certain specific areas, specific to men or women, can set off a real fireworks display!

For him: Most men like their testicles to be treated with delicacy, whether it is stroking or light sucking. But, for some, this is too sensitive an area so go carefully.
For her: The clitoris is the main area of sexual pleasure in a woman. It is the most sensitive and responsive area of the body. Linger with your fingers or your tongue on this part of the body to make it the whole thing.

Central point

The male and female genitalia are the center of sexual activity and the heart of the mechanisms of intercourse. After you have aroused your partner's body and erogenous zones, he / she will be more than ready for some attention on that side!

For him: The most sensitive area of the penis is the glans, most men feel incredible things when they are stimulated there. The body of the penis can be handled more firmly.
For her: The vagina is not the most sensitive area in a woman, but stimulation of the cervix at the top of the vagina gives very pleasant sensations. You can do this during foreplay, with your fingers, but also with the penis, during intercourse.

Don't overlook these intimate areas, exploring your partner's body is where the magic happens. By taking the time to find out what turns others on, you will feel closer and more intimate. Never underestimate the power of the mind, by focusing on these areas connections will be made in the brain which in turn will trigger sexual arousal. Even a simple kiss can ignite the powder!

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