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The Brazilian all-time football legend, Pelé who won three World Cups and became one of the most iconic figures in the football world, has died at the age of 82.

Pelé was suffering from colon cancer for years. He was admitted to a hospital in São Paulo in late November for a respiratory infection and for complications related to colon cancer.

Lately, his health conditions had worsened due to multiple organ failures associated with his cancer progress and eventually causing his death, according to a statement from Albert Einstein Hospital.

Pelé’s name has been on the tip of tongues for more than 60 years. His footballing accomplishment has been outstanding. He played in four World Cups and is the only player in history to win three, but his legacy stretched far beyond his trophy haul and remarkable goal-scoring record.

Pelé played for Brazil in four World Cups and bagged the most prestigious title in the years 1958, 1962, and 1970 respectively. the exact number of goals Pelé scored during his career is unclear, and his Guinness World Records tally has come under scrutiny with many scored in unofficial matches.

“I was born to play football, just like Beethoven was born to write music and Michelangelo was born to paint,” Pelé famously said.

“Everything that we are is thanks to you,” his daughter Kely Nascimento wrote in a post on Instagram, under an image of family members holding Pele’s hands. “We love you infinitely. Rest in peace.”

Following Pelé’s death, renowned international footballers have attributed his professional accomplishments and keep sending condolences to his immediate family members and relatives. The names include Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, and many more.

Besides entraining, the Brazilian football icon changed the status of his nation in the football world, raising the poor people’s voices, the black people, in particular, to compete in the international arenas, and win titles.

Considering Pelé’s phenomenal footballing accomplishments on national and international levels for his country, the Brazilian Football Federation and the Brazilian people owe him a lot.

The American newspaper “The Washington Post” highlighted that Morocco is among the best global destinations in 2023, according to experts in the tourism sector.

Even before the North African country captured the world's attention during the World Cup, Morocco had emerged as a popular travel destination.

James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel, said, “We expect Morocco to continue to be incredibly popular in 2023, given the increase in flights to the destination and the potential to go out and have great experiences in a week or 10 days. Or two weeks.

Morocco is currently the country that records the largest number of reservations with the “Intrepid Travel” agency, as confirmed by the American daily newspaper.

The Kingdom enjoys the same popularity with the Modern Adventure travel agency, according to its vice president, Liz Boudreau, explaining, “We have achieved a 53 percent increase in reservations compared to 2022

WORLD CUP - This Tuesday, the table of quarterfinals was completed by the qualifications of Morocco and Portugal, which will face each other for a place in the last four (Saturday, 4 pm). The Atlas Lions are an anomaly among the list of qualifiers, which includes only expected nations and big names with legitimate ambitions.

The last 8 are known but there is an unexpected guest: this Tuesday, Morocco is a UFO among the qualifiers for the quarterfinals. The Atlas Lions, heroic against Spain, are novices at this level of the competition, unlike the teams that accompany it.

It's quite simple, apart from La Roja, all the big names are in the quarter-finals, further proof that the surprises of the group phase were only imperfect indicators of the balance of power. The new order will wait.

In this world Top 8, only regulars and a lot of former winners (4/8). As it stands, here is the pedigree of the qualifiers:


Netherlands: Finalist in 1974, 1978, 2010
Argentina: Winner in 1978 and 1986
France: Winner in 1998 and 2018
England: Winner in 1966
Croatia: Finalist in 2018
Brazil: Winner in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
Morocco: Quarter-finalist in 2022
Portugal: Semi-finalist in 1966 and 2006

In this panorama, Europe is obviously the best with five out of eight qualifiers, while Brazil and Argentina still represent the South American continent while, for the first time since 2010, an African team is invited to the party.

4 quarters, 4 stars

It's hard to do more selling than these four quarters. For various reasons, four men were particularly expected in Qatar. They are in the quarterfinals: Lionel Messi has, as expected, carried Argentina on his shoulders, Kylian Mbappé is the top scorer of this World Cup, Neymar has returned in time to allow the rise of Brazil while Cristiano Ronaldo, despite a much more delicate personal situation, is still in the running to lift the most beautiful trophy of his career.

Quarterfinal schedule:

* Croatia - Brazil: Friday, December 9, 4pm
* Netherlands - Argentina: Friday, December 9, 8pm
* Morocco - Portugal: Saturday, December 10, 4pm
* England - France: Saturday, December 10, 8pm

Don’t miss the sparkling opening of the FIFA Fan Festival™ on Saturday 19 November – as global superstars Maluma and Myriam Fares take to the stage! This event is exclusively for Hayya Card holders – gates open at 4 PM.

The event kicks off the 30-day FIFA Fan Festival™ – a true celebration and vibrant festival of culture in the heart of Doha. All 64 matches will be shown live on mega-screens, accompanied by over 100 hours of live music from global acts and local artists – many of the line-up are now confirmed!

We have collected our favorite couple Instagrammers that not only inspire us through their photography, but with their experiences as well. It is hard to pick just ten couples, as we have met and contacted so many couple bloggers throughout the last few years.

We love traveling and finding out about new places to explore. The best is getting inspiration from other travel bloggers. We have seen many blogs about the best travelers to follow on Instagram but as a couple we prefer following fellow couple bloggers!

So in no particular order, here are our top ten most inspiring couple travel Instagrammers along with a little bit about them and what inspires them to travel, in their own words.


1. Salt in Our Hair



 Salt in our Hair is a travel brand by Hannah & Nick. Their goal is to awaken your wanderlust by publishing helpful travel guides & tips, stunning travel photography and inspiring travel videos.”



2. Roamaroo


Collette and Scott from Roamaroo


We are Collette & Scott, the husband and wife duo behind romantic travel blog, Roamaroo.com. In June 2015, we quit our corporate America jobs in order to explore the world together. We were tired of working for someone else’s dream and we decided to take matters into our own hands and follow the path of our own dreams.


3. Pages of Travel


Logan and Kallsy from Pages of Travel


Two years ago we, Logan & Kallsy, were faced with unexpected tragedies and challenges in both of our families that changed our lives forever. Because of this we realized we wanted to live everyday as if it was the last day and follow our dreams of pursuing a life of adventure in every way possible!


4. XK Fly Away


Xavier and Katie from Xkflyaway


We are Katie and Xavier Ritzi also known as XK Flyaway. We are newlywed who recently found each other after many years of a long distance relationship. We are now traveling the world together. Our entire relationship has been based on travel, as traveling was our only way to see each other long distance the first few years. Once we were married, we wanted to continue this way of life so we set out on a 1 year trip around the world to keep that spark going


5. That Golden Life




Derek agreed to this crazy travel adventure after I was diagnosed with a rare eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa (it’s no biggie, it’s life). Because my eyesight is slowly, but gradually going away, we decided to explore every nook and cranny this beautiful world has to offer. So we want to SEE the world before I can’t SEE the world anymore. We are starting off by exploring the beautiful lands of the United States then venturing off to Asia and Europe in the spring of 2017!


We are outdoor enthusiasts with two golden retrievers, who were the inspiration for our blogs name. We have really loved sharing our adventures with the world & love all of the people we have been able to connect with through this fun journey!


6. Vacation Couple


Kristin and Shadi from Vacation Couple


Kristin and Shadi are a Canadian couple who love to escape the cold weather and visit luxury resorts in paradise. They were inspired by the beautiful beaches of Mexico during their vacation three years ago. Creating a video to share with their family turned into something they share a passion for.


It really feels like Spring is on the way when the first flowers start to bloom and throughout the year the different varieties reflect the mood of the seasons. Follow your nose to the fragrant fields of France and wonder at stunning blankets of vibrant colour as flower crops bloom. Here are our top 5 flowers to spot in France, and when to see them at their best:

1. Sunflowers

rhys-kentish-GFQN52hBoG4-unsplash (1)

Perhaps the most iconic flowers of summer you can find golden seas of sunflowers all across the South of France. From afar a blur of yellow, close up impressively tall and sturdy plants with huge seed heads used in making sunflower oil. In France sunflowers are called ‘Tournesols’ which translates to ‘turn to the sun’ and the flower heads of young plants do indeed rotate during the day, following the sun across the sky. Once mature the flowers face east to greet the dawn and if you find a place to watch the sunset behind a sunflower field in full bloom it’s an unforgettable sight! The best months for sunflower spotting are June and July though you may find fields in bloom well into August depending on the year’s weather and harvest patterns.

2. Lavender

The Most Beautiful Lavender Fields To Visit In Provence, France |  TravelAwaits

Synonymous with Provence, Lavender is grown in abundance in this region of southern France. The neat rows of green and purple are as soothing to the eye as their fragrant scent. Lavender from Provence is used to make the finest grade essential oils used in prestigious cosmetics, aromatherapy products and perfumes. In the region you will find lots of artisan souvenirs including soaps and scented ‘wands’ where pretty ribbons encase lavender to create a fragrant wardrobe or drawer scent bag. The Valensole plateau is the best place to see the lavender with flowers typically blooming from the end of June until mid August.

3. Poppies

Poppies in Provence - Slow Travel Tours

Unlike the other flowers on this list, Poppies are not cultivated and are, in fact, a weed that farmers try their best to eradicate. This does not, however, make the fields of poppies in France any less beautiful and if you are lucky enough to come across one, you’ll find local people are just as excited to visit and take photographs amongst the  flowers as any tourists. Poppy fields can be found all over France but those in Provence are some of the best having inspired famous artists including Monet and Van Gogh. The poppy fields that sprung up on the battlefields of Northern France after the first world war are no longer prolific but these poignant flowers still appear in smaller clusters here too. Poppies start to bloom in the south in April and can still be found flowering in northern France in June.

4. Lily of the Valley

Holiday Calendar - Lily of the Valley Day in France - May 1

The delicate white flowers of the Lily of the Valley are thought to bring good luck in France. It is traditional to give a bunch to loved ones, family and friends on May Day; it is estimated over 60 million bunches of these flowers are sold every year! In the wild they grow in damp, shady spots and you can look out for them in woodlands all over France during the Spring flowering season. It is also cultivated for sale, but seeing Lily of the Valley carpet a forset floor is a really magical sight.

5. Chanel’s flowers

Take a virtual tour of the Chanel flower fields in Grasse, France | Vogue  France

Only in France would you find fields of Chanel branded flowers! There is a prestigious flower farm in Grasse which cultivates flowers especially for the fashion house to use in blending their world famous perfumes. There are five harvests each year reserved exclusively for the brand; iris, jasmine, rose, tuberose and geranium. Each flower is picked by hand and processed into precious extracts in the on-site factory. It goes without saying that the whole area smells incredible at harvest time!

If you are planning a French holiday why not stay a one of our charming self-catering holiday homes? With thousands of unique properties to book directly with the owner you can see the real France, relax and enjoy a wonderful getaway with family or friends.

Is it possible to rank the world’s best beaches? Of course not, as preferences will differ from traveler to traveler, based on amenities, accessibility, swimming & water sports options, safety, sense of place, relaxation, and scenery. Nevertheless, being well-traveled and having put my feet in the sand of numerous beaches around the globe, I hereby present you my list of the 10 most spectacular beaches in the world. From coral to sandy and long to enclosed, i


What sets Tulum apart is its proximity to some of the most stunning Mayan ruins in all of Mexico: it is here that one of the world’s best cultural destinations meets one of the world’s best beaches. Tulum’s ruin is an ancient walled city sitting on rocky cliff that overlooks a spectacular beach. With hordes of tourists visiting every day, the area is not exactly private, but the broad stretch of white sand and mesmerizing turquoise Caribbean waters more than make up for it.




Navagio beach is an isolated yet strikingly beautiful sandy cove on the Greek island of Zakynthos. It is often referred to as the Shipwreck Beach because it is home to the wreck of a ship called Panagiotis that is believed to have been a smugglers ship. The area is defined by its sheer limestone cliffs, white sand beaches, and clear blue water, which attract thousands of tourists yearly. The strip of beach is accessed only by boat, but you can see it from above if you stand on the high side of the surrounding cliffs.




The Turks and Caicos comprise 40 islands and cays, of which Providenciales is the main tourist centre. It’s here, on the northern shore, that you’ll find Grace Bay, a 19km (12 miles)  paradise-perfect mix of sugary sand and transparent water, fringed by a coral reef system with fabulous snorkeling and diving. Unfortunately, an increasing number of resorts and condo hotels have sprung up along the shore in recent years, so you may be better off these days on the more private hotel beaches of Amanyara or Parrot Cay.





Whitehaven Beach is protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park, and is located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Australia’s most famous beach stretches for 4,4 miles (7 km) and is washed by swirls of turquoise, blue and green water. The sand is 98% pure white silica, which gives it a brilliant, near luminescent color. You can reach the beach via a helicopter or seaplane, or you can sail to Whitehaven Beach with one of the many yacht excursions in the area.





Baio Do Sancho is situated on the remote island of Fernando de Noronha, an active volcanic archipelago of 21 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, located approximately 220 miles (350 km) off the coast of northeastern Brazil bay.  Sparkling emerald water and soft white sands are surrounded by vegetation-covered 250 ft (75 m) cliffs. The beach can only be reached by boat or by foot on a dirt trail through a crack in a rock wall with a few dozen uneven, slippery-sandy steps. The beach is perfect for snorkeling and spotting rays.





It are not only tropical beaches whose breathtaking beauty can make one speechless. The best example is Long Beach, the longest sandy beach on Canada’s Vancouver Island, which offers eye-popping scenic views and an unmatched maritime wilderness. Located within the boundaries of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve between Tofino and Ucluelet, its 10 miles (16 km) of pristine sand are backed by lush rainforests and washed by a cool pounding surf. Twenty-thousand grey whales migrate up this coast each spring and summer.






Maya Bay is a stunningly beautiful, sheltered bay on Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi. With a ring of white sand surrounded by mangroves and towering limestone walls blanketed by dense foliage, it’s easy to see why director Danny Boyle chose this beach for cult-favorite The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The main beach within the bay is around 200 m (650 ft) long and features silky soft white sand, with underwater colorful coral and exotic fish in exceptionally clear water.




Cape Town tops my list of the world’s most beautiful cities, not least because of the magnificent beaches on its doorstep. Camps Bay is not only Cape Town’s most popular beach, but also the only urban beach to make it into my top 10 list. Boasting blinding white sand set against the majestic backdrop of the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range and Table Mountain, Camps Bay’s water is a bit cold, due to the currents in the Atlantic Ocean, but that will not distract you from the amazing surrounding scenery and world-famous sunsets.



Polihale is hands-down the Hawaiian archipelago’s most breathtakingly beautiful beach.  This seemingly deserted 11 km (7 mi) stretch on the western end of Kauai, one of the world’s most scenic islands, is several miles from the nearest town and holds a vibe of enchantment and mystique, still alive on Hawaii today. The beach can only be reached via a poorly marked, dirt sugarcane road, making a four-wheel drive vehicle preferable (check with your rental car company for restrictions before heading out).





One of the most photographed beaches in the world, the blinding white sands of Anse Source d’Argent unfurl across La Digue, one of the 115 island that make us this paradisiacal archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The beach sparkles against a backdrop of enormous granite boulders, worn by time and weather. An offshore reef provides protection from ocean waves, making the turquoise water an ideal spot for swimming. Keep an eye out for endangered birds and giant tortoises!



In a time when cybercriminals run rampant, attacking companies and individuals alike, securing your critical data can feel like walking a cybersecurity tightrope. Sollensys created an unbreakable safety net that harnesses the power of double-blockchain technology to encrypt and scatter a secure, unchangeable copy of your data across thousands of servers that is virtually impossible for hackers to reassemble without a unique key identifier. This isn’t a storage solution; this is an indestructible vault.

Where Traditional Cloud-Based File Storage Solutions Fall Short

Your favorite cloud storage software does a great job at storing, and perhaps even encrypting your data, but just because you can upload and download your files anywhere with internet, your files are far from secured. If a cybercriminal gains access to your cloud credentials, your uploaded files can be modified or deleted entirely, leaving you with no
way to recover your files.

Learn how Sollensium, Sollensys' Blockchain technology, works

Blockchain is a technology centered on the concept of immutability, meaning it keeps data from being changed or corrupted. Blockchain is a superior method for storing, securing, and transferring data, which is why we use a private version of it to protect your most important data. Sollensium is a private, double blockchain that allows you to upload, encrypt, secure, and safely recall any type of data, including video assets, which is a first for blockchain technology.

Preparing an infusion

In terms of dosage, adding 2 or 3 nails to a cup is more than enough. It can be interesting to grind the cloves before infusing them. If you make an infusion of cloves only, let them infuse for 30 minutes, and preferably take it half an hour before having sex.

Moreover, what are the benefits of cloves on the body?

Its tonic flavour is appreciated in cooking and its medicinal properties are known to relieve many ailments. Cloves aid digestion, are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant and even anaesthetic.

Also How to make a powerful aphrodisiac for men?

You mix a mixture of cinnamon, cardamom, 2 cloves, 1 tonka bean, and, if you like, hot pepper), with dark chocolate (200 g), and the zest of an orange. Add water (250 ml) and coconut milk (500 ml). Mix everything together and simmer for about fifteen minutes before filtering your elixir.

What is the best aphrodisiac for men?

Top 6 best known natural aphrodisiacs

DHEA, a natural aphrodisiac? DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone naturally produced by the body. ...
Ginseng. ...
Ginkgo biloba. ...
Maca. ...
Horny Goat Weed extract. ...
Food supplements. ...
Honey and royal jelly. ...

Summer time’s coming! Where to travel for a cool summer holiday? China must be on your wish list. Summer lasts from early May to late September in China. Every destination sure has its charm during a different span of time.


1. Tibet: Holy Religious Culture

  • Highlights: Mt. Everest, religious sites in Lhasa
  • Sample itinerary: 8-Day Mt. Everest Base Camp and Lhasa Essential Tour

Cool-weather and religious vistas, both natural and cultural, grant Tibet as one of the best destinations for your summer travel in China. In most areas of Tibet, summer lasts from May to August with an average temperature of 20-25°C (68-77°F). Also, it is the time with the highest air oxygen content. These make for a comfortable and easy trip to explore Tibet’s various highlights. What’s even better is the train travel from Qinghai or Yunnan. Given 20 days is needed for a Tibet Travel Permit, it is suggested you plan the trip at least 1 month ahead. You need to protect yourself from the strong ultraviolet rays, so sunglasses, sunblock, a hat, and a light coat should be in your backpack.

2. Huangshan: Breathtaking Vistas from Mountaintop

  • Highlights: mountaintop views, photo tours

With a clear view and a challenge to walk, Huangshan, which is also called the Yellow Mountain, is excellent for trekking in summer. It presents a visual adventure, let alone a brave trek along its jaw-dropping walkways. In addition to the awesome vistas, Huangshan also offers a thrilling summer with a cool temperature. The average temperature in summer is 12-20°C (54-68°F), making it a cool- even a bit cold- trip on the mountain top. If mountain trekking is not your thing, it is suggested to check out the obscure villages in Hongcun (宏村) or Xidi (西递). The sun rises early, and so do the hard-working villagers. Go wandering about their houses or watch them work on fields, with such a strong sense of life that you might find quite touching. Bright colors of the villages and fields are ideal for a photography tour or quick sketches.

3. Guilin: Karst Landscapes and Bamboo Rafting

Guilin offers a full package for a wonderful summer holiday- whether you want an easy-peasy cruise tour on the Li River, or an in-depth experience of rock-climbing and countryside cycling in Yangshuo. The city is hot and humid in summer but caving and water activities will cool you off. The biggest reason to have your summer holiday in Guilin is the gorgeous Li River. It rains a lot during summertime in Guilin and the Li River brings out her best during the time from April to September. The fun comes from activities related to water or natural hide-outs. Potholing into many limestone caves, Reed Flute Cave for example, not only means an adventure but also a great way to cool off. Besides the completely beautiful landscape, boating or river drifting in Yangshuo are also very exhilarating. 4. Yangtze River: Three Gorges Dam and Cruises

  • Highlights: cruises, shore excursion to historic sites
  • Sample itinerary: 4-Day Relaxing Time on Yangtze River Cruise

Before the grand Three Gorges Dam was built, the region or the Yangtze River used to suffer from floods during summertime. The story is different nowadays and traveling to the Yangtze River during summer brings more than a holiday. Besides refreshing river wind and fascinating scenery, there’s something more you should expect while traveling to the Yangtze River in summer:

  • Days of total relaxation while cruising along the river;
  • Extremely marvelous views of the roaring water at the Three Gorges Dam;
  • Ashore excursion to White Emperor City or Fengdu Ghost City for cultural fulfillment.

The temperature from May to early September ranges from 20-28°C (68-83°F). it is recommended to take the cruise in May or September. An overcoat is still necessary during summer for cruising nights can get a bit cold.

5. Guizhou: Waterfalls and Minority Culture

If you’re talking about a cool summer, Guizhou should come to mind. With an average temperature of 20-25°C (68-77°F), a summer holiday in Guizhou is blessed with amazing landscapes (mostly waterfalls and mountains) and colorful minority lives. Besides the classical Huangguoshu Waterfalls, you should make a bee-line for Qiandongnan (aka Southeastern Guizhou). From there, find your way to the villages of the Miao People in Kaili (凯里), Xijiang (西江) and Zhenyuan (镇远). Traditional minority festivals in summer include:

  • The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in early June,
  • Fishing Festival in July,
  • Flower Mountain Festival in July or August,
  • New Rice Festival in mid-August.

During these special occasions, you don’t need to get invited. Just walking around the villages, you can make yourself a part of the celebration.

6. Mt. Emei: Buddhist Culture

  • Highlights: the Golden Summit, temples and monasteries, monkeys
  • Sample itinerary: 5-Day Panda, Mt. Emei, and Giant Buddha Tour

A Three-hour drive from Chengdu, Mt. Emei is a famous Buddhist mountain in China. With sprawling temples and monasteries, it is famous for the 48-meter-high statue of Samantabhadra at the Golden Summit. Thanks to its over-3,000-meter altitude, Mt. Emei is not only a Buddhist holy ground but also a summer resort blessed with beautiful scenery and lovely wild monkeys, who may jump out to tease you at any time. Optional choice: Mt. Qingcheng, a holy mountain of Taoism, is another good option to escape the summer heat of Chengdu and experience the religious culture.

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