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The beginnings

When you get into a relationship, the passion, the ardor, the desire are strong! This is normal, we discover each other and get to know each other. We walk through each other's body, we love each other, it's pleasure, ecstasy.


It's fun, it's exciting, we want each other as often as possible. Intercourse is frequent, and everywhere, which adds even more spice to the antics.

Then comes the daily

Often, we settle down with our other half. This is where we discover the life of a couple. We see each other every day, all the time. We start to get to know each other, and now we have to juggle work, cleaning, shopping. The daily grind sets in.

The only thing missing is the pilou pajamas which replace the lace nightie. And the Netflix parties which will replace the Kamasutra parties!

Admit ... We start to know more and more his / her partner. So the hugs become classic. And by being around each other every day, you feel less the lack, the desire, the envy of the other ... Not to mention that seeing your other half slumped on the sofa that it will tingle your crotch.

And sometimes we decide to have children


At this point, a new boost in the frequency of intercourse can be felt. Then pregnancy is often experienced differently depending on the couple.

Post-pregnancy and family life also make a big difference. Because we are no longer just a couple, we are becoming parents! And often the couple forget each other. The daily life and this role of educator engulfs us and the couple of lovers sometimes fade away.

It is not a generality. It does not happen like that everywhere!

So what to do?

Some choose the "ease" of going elsewhere. Everyone has their own choice. Personally, loyalty is an important value. Even if some couples accept a few deviations, more often than not one or the other is not aware.

If you love your other half, I think you have to start the little flame again. And if you have succeeded in seducing yourself for the first time, it is possible to do it again!

How to revive the flame and desire?

After several months and years, we quickly forget the little daily attentions. A little kiss on the neck, a caress, a sweet word slipped on a post-it or whispered in your ear, a text during the day to tell him / her that you are thinking of him / her.

  • Make time for both of you. A restaurant, a cinema, a massage.
  • Feeling desirable, often the libido fluctuates, and if you feel undesirable, you don't really want somersaults. It is difficult but you have to feel good and not just for the other. But also for oneself, sport, hairstyle, make-up. No more pilou-pilou pajamas!
  • Create an atmosphere that makes you want to get closer! Candles and clean sheets. We avoid the teddy bear set! We remove the frames with the photos of families or children. The parental room becomes again the marital room where the couple must meet!
  • To titillate, to warm up all day long! It's not at 8:30 p.m. when the children are in bed that we start a "so we fuck?" or "By the way, it's payday, tonight's a treat!".
  • Contraception can sometimes be a brake on libido. Consider discussing this with your doctor.

and the most important


Talk about sex with your partner! What you like or not, your desires, fantasies. Share with your other half. Seduce again and again. Make her want to try new things. Sometimes it takes a long time.

Practices that are out of the ordinary are always scary, especially because of a judgment from our partner. But if your life partner loves you, have confidence and share your sexuality together.


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