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DIM tights, the thread of Fashion and Freedom

Since the 1970s when the miniskirt made pantyhose popular, women have been wearing DIM. The French brand continues to innovate, to make wearing tights stylish and comfortable at the same time. Today, DIM unveils its ultimate manual for wearing this essential accessory.

Tights remain a wardrobe must-have, above all they allow us to wear skirts, shorts, jumpsuits and other dresses from our closet without fear of the cold. It is making a comeback this season and is once again becoming an essential fashion accessory on all the catwalks at Fashion Week. However, the question remains: how to wear and match these multiple models, both original and varied, without making a fashion faux pas? This is where DIM comes in and decides to enlighten us so that we can showcase our beautiful legs. With its expertise, modernism and daring that we know it, DIM opens the doors of its pantyhose guide to help us.

Formerly called the Bas Dimanche, known nowadays under the sweet name of DIM, the French firm has indeed heard our desperate calls for help. If at the time DIM played the card of comfort and seduction, today the brand is a true stylistic guide and fashion mentor for all those who know the difficulties of combining this beautiful accessory with the rest of their outfit.

“Free your legs!”, This is what DIM chants, which delivers a real tights manual in order to wear it better, to make it chic, sober or creative. Because the tights are quite a symbol: liberation of women and democratization of the female body, they have supplanted the historical stockings and garter belts to offer great freedom of movement while shaping and magnifying your legs. During the last Fashion Week, tights have reinvested the catwalks. Whether worn black or nude, opaque or transparent or even colored, in satin or fishnet, tights have never been so fashionable.

A resolutely trendy piece this winter, the brand does not fail to guide us by interviewing 6 stylists and fashion editors from the women’s press. They give us their advice and other secrets to carefully put on the tights according to our tastes and our desires. Professional tips, which range from how to associate it to the essential pieces to keep in your dressing room (fishnet, opaque and seam). These specialists in the field sometimes even go so far as to suggest daring and unexpected choices such as an ultra-trendy fishnet-basket wear. They invite us to play with our different models and vary the looks just by changing!

Be beautiful, free, fit in with the times and above all, fit in your tights! Here are 10 silhouettes with an irreproachable style which sublimate our legs but especially our tights. The keys to wearing tights in all modernity are at DIM! So are you ready to win a year of pantyhose? From 01/11, all on your legs!

Source : Ohmymag


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