How do you find hidden spy cameras in hotels and rental properties?

In a report published by the American magazine “Fast Company”, writer Michael Grothaus highlighted recent reports that many travelers found hidden surveillance cameras in properties and rooms that they rented through the “Airbnb” website, although the site prohibits hosts from placing cameras in their properties. without informing the tenants.

And “Fast Company” magazine published a report on a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University who discovered two hidden cameras in the rooms he and his family rented.

The Atlantic magazine reported that a New Zealand family rented a property in Ireland, only to discover that it was equipped with a secret security camera recording live video.

Therefore, if you are afraid of the presence of spy cameras in the property that you rented or the hotel in which you are staying, you must follow the following steps to find them:

Pay close attention to odd-shaped electronic accessories

Smart devices that appear large often have a hidden camera inside. Therefore, travelers are advised to pay close attention to the presence of strange electronic tools or accessories, and it may be difficult to detect the presence of a hidden camera, especially since it has become very small to be able to be hidden in almost any device.

For example, if you find an alarm in the bathroom or any other place you do not expect it to be, this may be evidence that the matter is suspicious.

And in the event that you find a “USB” plug on the wall and it is directed towards your bed or bathtub, make sure that something is wrong. Watch for these attachments and make sure they are not too prominent in your field of vision.

Flashlight light to detect camera lenses

A flashlight can be used, as the camera lens is usually made of glass, which is one of the most reflective materials, so hidden camera lenses can easily be detected if they reflect light into the room.

All you have to do is turn off the lights, use your phone as a flashlight, and point it around the room. And if you notice a reflection of light coming from a device, check it closely, you may find a hidden camera in it.

Wi-Fi Scan Apps
Visual scans may not always be enough to find hidden cameras, but the good news is that there is a better way to discover these cameras.

All modern hidden cameras use Wi-Fi technology, allowing footage to be broadcast over the Internet. But the devices’ covert reliance on a wireless signal to broadcast footage online makes them vulnerable to detection.

Smartphone users can use applications such as the “FING” application available on the “iOS” and “Android” operating systems, which displays all the wireless devices connected to the Wi-Fi network.

After you get to the room or property you rented, connect to the wifi network and scan the network with the app, then it will show you all the devices connected to the same network.

Smartphone users can use applications such as
RF Detector
If the host has another private wireless network that you can’t access, apps that display all wireless devices connected to the WiFi network won’t work.

In this case, the only solution is to use an RF detector that is capable of locating devices that are emitting RF signals by beeping.

This small device can be purchased from Amazon at a price ranging between thirty and fifty dollars.

Most of the camera can be hidden, but its lens must remain visible for the camera to capture what it is trying to capture.

From this point of view, you are able to find hidden cameras by targeting the search for lenses mainly

In the event that spy and surveillance cameras are installed by an expert, the lighting and wires will undoubtedly be hidden, but the lens will be visible.

Find the one that provides the best room coverage.
Think as someone who hid the camera thinks, who in turn undoubtedly wants to record the highlights of what is happening in the room, and to reach its various corners and center through the camera’s vision.

For example, do you suspect that a spy wants to record what’s going on in your kitchen? He certainly wouldn’t hide the camera behind the fridge at an angle that reveals very little kitchen space.

The corners of the rooms in particular are the best place to reveal the entire room, and at the same time, hidden cameras in the corners of the room are less visible compared to other places.

What should you do when you find a hidden camera?
You should contact the host directly and report the camera as soon as you find it, or report it to the police if you want to, especially since laws regarding placing hidden cameras vary by country or region. And if you can’t reach the host, you can simply unplug the camera.

The report confirmed that the camera is not the only devices that we should pay attention to, smart amplifiers contain microphones that can record and listen to your conversations.

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