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How to plant mint in a cup to decorate and perfume the whole house?

There is nothing better than having aromatic plants at home. In addition to their use in cooking, to give more flavor and taste to our dishes, this type of plants is also very useful for scenting our living rooms. Like mint, which is arguably one of the most fragrant herbs. With its delicate and refreshing aroma, whether in a cup of tea, to enhance a smoothie or to enhance certain culinary recipes, mint is a true treasure trove of benefits.

By growing it at home, you will transform your interior! If you are looking for a solution to always have a small mint plant available and take advantage of it to perfume your interiors, we offer you an original idea for planting it at home: this is the cup growing method. An ideal option for those who have little space and want to fill the room with an intoxicating scent.

Find out now how to plant mint in a dish to decorate and perfume the whole house.

Mint in a cup

Plant the mint in a cup

To plant cup mint, simply follow these steps:

Ingredients :

  • mint seeds
  • Some water
  • A dirt
  • Fertilizers
  • A drill
  • Warning tape for walls
  • A fairly large ceramic mug
Sprinkle with mint

How to Grow Cup Mint Step by Step:

  1. Turn the cup over, attach 2 pieces of tape and mark so you can punch two holes. These will ensure good drainage.
  2. Prepare fertilizer and soil. Put them in the cup.
  3. Then, drop a few mint seeds and cover with a little soil. You don’t have to bury the seeds, but add a small layer of soil on top.
  4. Wait for the seeds to develop and begin to turn into a fragrant mint.
  5. Water only when the soil is dry. Remember that a lot of moisture can accumulate in a space as small as a cup.
  6. Place the cup in a bright place in the morning but in the shade in the afternoon.
Mint leaves

Other benefits of mint 

Acne-free skin

With its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, mint soothes and calms the skin, which can be helpful in treating acne. Mint leaves contain high levels of salicylic acid, which is known to fight acne and blemishes.

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Better oral health

Did you know why many toothpastes are mint-based? Quite simply because this plant is rich in antibacterial properties. Mint inhibits the growth of bacteria and cleans tartar deposits in teeth. It also kills bacteria and fights bad breath, keeping your mouth and teeth naturally healthy.

Against stress

The aroma of mint is very relaxing in nature and can be used in aromatherapy to overcome stress. Indeed, it helps relax the brain and body by calming the mind. Mint also has adaptogenic properties that regulate cortisol levels and develop natural resistance to stress.

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