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How to thicken your eyelashes?

ecause the ad will say what it wants, sometimes a good mascara isn’t enough. Thicken eyelashes also depends on the right actions and the right tips, hence our obsession at Fork & Bikini: tell you everything about the pro tips to obtain thicker, fuller, more irresistible eyelashes.

Thicken eyelashes with the right gestures

As for the eyelash curtain, are you far from the mark? We know, and we will tell you only one thing: before healing, preserve. The treatments have no effect for those who abuse their poor eyelashes! Since they can, like the hair, fall out and break under the effect of mistreatment … all the more reason to remove make-up every night, systematically, gently and with a gentle make-up remover. The Champions ? Micellar water or cleansing oils. In the process, we lose the habit of vigorously rubbing our eyes at the risk of pulling out eyelashes, and we put on mascaras that are as natural as possible so as not to suffocate them.

Thicken your eyelashes with oil

Olive, castor, coconut, almond or even petroleum jelly, each with its own oil as long as it is vegetable and of quality. The oil hydrates the lashes, forms a protective layer and even stimulates their growth, turning a charming rainforest into a glade. We’re exaggerating, okay, but the trick dates back to our grandmothers and hasn’t aged a bit: we mix a spoon of olive oil with a spoon of castor oil, or all of one. , or all the other, or all coconut, etc. Then apply delicately to the base of the eyelashes with the brush of an empty, washed and dried mascara, or even a simple cotton swab. This, every night, to thicken your eyelashes naturally!

Thicken your eyelashes with tea

We have told you enough, tea contains a thousand active ingredients beneficial to health. And beauty, did we talk about it? The tea would specialize in growing hair like eyelashes, thickening them naturally. We won’t hide from you that we haven’t tested it yet, but good news, green tea can’t hurt! The method ? We infuse green tea normally, then let it cool. Once warm or cold, dip cotton in it and place it on the eyes, leave it on for 5 minutes and moisturize. The bonus? Green tea is good for everything, including helping dark circles disappear!

Thicken your eyelashes with cotton

The trick has spread around the web. If it hasn’t passed through you yet, hold on to your screen: a single cotton pad is enough to double in size. For thick and full eyelashes, use a cotton ball, therefore, an eyelash brush (or an old, washed and dried mascara brush), as well as your usual mascara. Apply a layer of it, then scratch the cotton with the dry brush to wind up fibers. We then brush our eyelashes, the cotton fibers settle there … all that remains is to iron a coat of mascara to color the fibers. To repeat as many times as necessary for a star gaze!

Thicken eyelashes with false eyelashes

Okay, you have to repeat the step regularly, but what could be more effective than false eyelashes to adopt a pin-up look? We will not lie to you, the eyelashes only grow if the bulb is there. No root, no hair, no eyelash, and the miracle solution fits in a box: false eyelashes. They can be applied in bangs or one by one, as desired, unless you opt for a salon installation.


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