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How to use white vinegar in the garden?

Do you like growing plants, are you passionate about gardening? Then this article is made for you. It is full of practical advice and useful little tips to enhance your plants. If you are used to using chemical products to maintain your garden, we suggest you experiment with an ecological and economical ingredient which will constitute a perfect alternative to preserve your plants. It has nothing to envy of classic products and is in no way toxic to the environment.

What should you replace your usual pesticides with? With white vinegar. Yes, it’s a surprise, but this star ingredient in your pantry, highly recommended for cleaning the house, is the ideal remedy to increase the fertility of your plants and promote beautiful flowering. Whether it’s killing weeds or chasing away garden pests, this is the perfect weapon for you!

Here are 8 good reasons to replace chemicals with white vinegar to take care of your plants.

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snail plant

Eliminate snails

White vinegar is a very effective and economical remedy for getting rid of snails and slugs that invade the garden. Simply spray a little white vinegar on the affected areas every couple of days. This ecological product is also a remedy of choice for germinating the seeds of certain plants such as asparagus or glories.

As a natural insecticide

White vinegar is considered a natural insecticide that you can use to prevent ants from invading your plants. Simply apply a little to the edges of the pots containing the plants to prevent an ant infestation. Its strong smell acts as a natural repellent! White vinegar has also been shown to repel all garden insects (even cockroaches, bedbugs, and mosquitoes).

NB:   the other natural method of repelling ants and insects is ordinary table salt. A homemade product that acts as both an insecticide and herbicide!

Remove the mushrooms

How many times have you noticed brown spots on your plants? These are plant molds and fungi. To eliminate them and prevent their appearance, it is enough to constantly spray the plants with white vinegar and chamomile. In the case of roses, you will need to add apple cider to the mixture.


Against weeds

White vinegar discourages the appearance of annoying weeds in your garden, both along flower pots and on walls. Just spray it on the affected areas and you will get rid of those unwanted weeds.

Against insects and harmful animals

White vinegar is a great repellent to keep rodents, pests, and even dogs and cats away from your plants. Simply spray white vinegar in several areas of your garden using a sprayer or soak old clothes in a tub of white vinegar and hang them up like scarecrows. Don’t forget to repeat the operation if it rained or snowed.

As a fly repellent

Do you notice annoying flies and gnats that love to hang around fruit? Once again, white vinegar is a great remedy for keeping flies away from your garden. Simply add half a glass of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of molasses, a glass of water and a quarter cup of sugar. Hang this concoction in your garden to catch them. This is a great fly trap!

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To protect terracotta pots

Terracotta pots absorb a lot of moisture in the garden because they are exposed to external influences. Do you want them to stay clean and new? Use white vinegar to clean them. Simply wipe the jars with a cotton cloth soaked in the liquid or immerse them directly in a container filled with white vinegar for at least 30 minutes. Cleanliness guaranteed!


To keep cut flowers longer

How to keep flowers cut and placed in a beautiful vase for longer? Add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of sugar to your jar. Repeat the process, replacing the liquid solution every 3 days. Your beautiful bouquet of flowers will not fade too quickly and will stay fresh for a few days!

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