Morocco produces the first domestically-made car and develops a hydrogen-powered one

The pioneers of social media platforms in Morocco and the Arab world interacted with the announcement of the manufacture of the first homemade Moroccan car, and a model for the first hydrogen-powered car developed by a Moroccan citizen.

The official Moroccan News Agency stated that the two innovative projects would enhance the “Made in Morocco” brand and strengthen the Kingdom’s position as a competitive platform for the production of cars.

The agency revealed that the homemade car was provided by New Motors, a company with Moroccan capital, while the prototype of the hydrogen vehicle was provided by Namex, and it was called the utility hydrogen vehicle.

For domestic market and export

According to the Moroccan News Agency, the “New Motors” company has established an industrial unit in the city of “Ain Aouda”, south of the capital, Rabat, to manufacture cars for the local market and for export.

The annual production capacity of the new car is expected to reach 27,000 units, with a local integration rate of 65 percent

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