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Night owls are at risk of dying at a younger age

We have known for a long time that a lack of sleep is not very good for your health. But recently, a study went further by revealing that late children are at risk of dying at a younger age.

Do you get enough sleep every night to ensure a healthy lifestyle? A new British study published recently in the journal Chronobiology International shows that too much sleep deprivation can have rather dangerous consequences on health.

During this research, which was carried out on 50,000 people between the ages of 38 and 73, it was found that there was a 10% higher risk of death in those who used to sleep little or lie down. very late. An analysis correlated with another study carried out this time on birds, showing that species evolving at night generally died younger than diurnal species.

According to Kristen Knutson, the co-author of this study, “night owls” may actually have an internal body clock that does not match their external environment. The researcher, like her colleague, professor of chronobiology Malcolm von Schantz, warns of this public health problem and would like to see the switch to daylight saving time removed, which they claim is the cause of many health problems.

This seasonal change in schedules indeed coincides with an increase in insomnia, depression and heart attacks. The researchers would therefore like to see the rhythms of work adapt better to those who are not in the morning and who have trouble getting one foot out of bed at the same time as the sun rises.

Source: Ohmymag

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