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Protect what matters most with the brilliance of blockchain technology

In a time when cybercriminals run rampant, attacking companies and individuals alike, securing your critical data can feel like walking a cybersecurity tightrope. Sollensys created an unbreakable safety net that harnesses the power of double-blockchain technology to encrypt and scatter a secure, unchangeable copy of your data across thousands of servers that is virtually impossible for hackers to reassemble without a unique key identifier. This isn’t a storage solution; this is an indestructible vault.

Where Traditional Cloud-Based File Storage Solutions Fall Short

Your favorite cloud storage software does a great job at storing, and perhaps even encrypting your data, but just because you can upload and download your files anywhere with internet, your files are far from secured. If a cybercriminal gains access to your cloud credentials, your uploaded files can be modified or deleted entirely, leaving you with no
way to recover your files.

Learn how Sollensium, Sollensys’ Blockchain technology, works

Blockchain is a technology centered on the concept of immutability, meaning it keeps data from being changed or corrupted. Blockchain is a superior method for storing, securing, and transferring data, which is why we use a private version of it to protect your most important data. Sollensium is a private, double blockchain that allows you to upload, encrypt, secure, and safely recall any type of data, including video assets, which is a first for blockchain technology.

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