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Semi permanent tattoo

We all know the classic tattoo the one that lasts a lifetime or almost. The principle is simple; using a dermograph, the famous tattooist’s machine with a needle, ink and other pigments are injected under the epidermis in the upper part of the dermis.

Depending on your skin type and your lifestyle your tattoo will have a variable lifespan and will remain more or less clear and beautiful.

What makes a classic tattoo different from a semi-permanent one?

Knowing that permanent means it lasts a lifetime and semi means “half”, a semi-permanent tattoo lasts half a life?

Strange! More seriously, even if its name does not mean much, the semi-permanent tattoo in fact has a limited lifespan, more or less 5 to 7 years according to specialists. This is because the ink is “light”. Composed of mineral and vegetable pigments, this ink is diluted and therefore disappears more quickly over time. Also, it seems that the depth at which the needle injects the ink is shallower, flush with the skin, which would promote the short lifespan of the tattoo. Moreover, a few weeks after making the semi-permanent tattoo, after healing and renewal of the skin, it is often necessary to do a small touch-up.


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