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Kissenger, the device that allows you to kiss from a distance

A London scientist is working on an original device: the Kissenger makes it possible to kiss the correspondent of a video call remotely by transmitting the sensation of a kiss.

With Kissenger, it will no longer be necessary to say "I kiss you" during a video conversation: this rubber prototype designed by a London scientist makes it possible to carry out this gesture directly so that his or her interlocutor is equipped with the same device. feel the effects from a distance.

Once your smartphone has been inserted into the Kissenger, all you have to do is place your lips on the outer part of the object to transmit, thanks to sensors, this sensation to its recipient, whose own Kissenger transmits the kiss to the person in real time. 'using a trigger mechanism.

The designer of the device, Emma Yann Zhang, who studies the sciences of touch, hopes to help couples who have long-distance relationships: "The Kissenger allows you to effectively transmit great emotions and a form of intimacy thanks to a device. multisensory internet communication. "

Emma Yann Zhang
Emma Yann Zhang

Zhang also offers to use the device as a family, taking the example of a grandmother who could be kissed on the cheek by her grandson by simply placing the Kissenger there.

The potential derivatives of the device became obvious to the public after its presentation at a conference devoted to romantic and sexual relationships with robots. For the scientist, this new relationship between humans and robots is inevitable: she therefore wonders how her device could fit into it, even if she refuses to decide on the ethical aspect of this question.

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