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The more fertile a woman, the more jealous others are

Swiss researchers have looked at how women look at each other, during and outside the ovulation period. As a result of shopping, a woman will tend to feel more threatened by another woman if she is ovulating.

Do women have danger radar? This is what a study led by Janek Lobmaier of the University of Bern, Switzerland tends to prove. Her team looked at the way women look at each other. To do this, they presented the portraits of fifteen women to a hundred others. They had to evaluate the photo according to two criteria: if the faces were beautiful and if they felt in rivalry with this woman. Each of the models was photographed twice, during and outside the ovulation period. As a result of the races, women did not find the faces of women who were ovulating more beautiful. In contrast, women photographed in their prime tended to come across as potential rivals. Direct translation: respondents will be less likely to make friends with these women at this time of the month … especially if their husbands are hanging around.

“Some women seem capable, unconsciously, of spotting the subtle differences that occur on the faces at the time of ovulation,” Janek Lobmaier told AFP. The implications are really, really, really small. It’s interesting from an evolutionary point of view, but the influence of this is on our daily life, we cannot really say ”, adds the researcher.

The fertile woman, a highly scientific subject

The world of research continues to be passionate about the woman who is ovulating. With varied results: she would be more jealous, but also sexier. A recent study even proved that strippers earned more tips during their ovulation period. Another report found that women paid more attention to their appearance when they were most fertile, and took extra care with their outfits and accessories to attract mates and deter rivals.

The Japanese have discovered that an ovulating woman could, faster than any mammal, spot a snake, which is synonymous with immediate danger. According to the authors of this study, it could be an adaptation of the human species aimed at strengthening the vigilance of women likely to be pregnant. Useful in the middle of an urban jungle …

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