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The rewards reach up to $20,000 for reporting security vulnerabilities in ‘Chat GPT

OpenAI, the company behind the “ChatGPT” application, has announced that it will offer rewards of up to $20,000 to users who report weaknesses in their artificial intelligence systems.

The “OpenAI Bug Bounty” program, launched yesterday on Tuesday, will offer rewards to individuals based on the severity of the errors they report, starting from $200 for each security vulnerability.

Technology companies often use bug bounty programs to encourage programmers and ethical hackers to report errors in their software systems.

According to details related to the “Bug Crowd” platform, OpenAI has invited technical researchers to review specific services in the ChatGPT application and the framework for connecting OpenAI systems and sharing data with third-party applications.

The application does not include any false or harmful content produced by OpenAI systems.

This move comes days after the ban of ChatGPT in Italy for suspected privacy violations, prompting regulators in other European countries to closely study generative AI services.

ChatGPT has sparked a lot of controversy between supporters of its use and opponents who see its problems outweigh its benefits.

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