The Washington Post: Morocco is the best global tourist destination in 2023

The American newspaper “The Washington Post” highlighted that Morocco is among the best global destinations in 2023, according to experts in the tourism sector.

Even before the North African country captured the world’s attention during the World Cup, Morocco had emerged as a popular travel destination.

James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel, said, “We expect Morocco to continue to be incredibly popular in 2023, given the increase in flights to the destination and the potential to go out and have great experiences in a week or 10 days. Or two weeks.

Morocco is currently the country that records the largest number of reservations with the “Intrepid Travel” agency, as confirmed by the American daily newspaper.

The Kingdom enjoys the same popularity with the Modern Adventure travel agency, according to its vice president, Liz Boudreau, explaining, “We have achieved a 53 percent increase in reservations compared to 2022

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