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These beauty secrets that we hide from men

Orange peel is the fear of many women. To get rid of obnoxious dimples, they often opt for the application of an anti-cellulite cream. But no question of these gentlemen discovering them using these products. This beauty gesture is in twentieth place in the Daily Mail ranking.

Get a scrub

Men are fascinated by the soft skin of women. But to obtain an epidermis as soft as silk, it must be taken care of and this also involves exfoliation. A practice that women prefer to hide from their companion: it finds itself in eighteenth place of the secrets of shameful beauty according to the Daily Mail.

Put silicone padding in her bra

Not everyone has the voluptuous curves of Kate Upton, so to have a beautiful cleavage some women are ready to cheat. Putting padding in her bra, a shameful trick for the fairer sex who ranks her in seventeenth place. But let women be reassured: men prefer medium-sized breasts! In any case, this is the conclusion of a recent study carried out by the University of Westminster on 361 participants.

Make a face mask

The masks are perfect for plumping, moisturizing or even purifying the skin of the face. Despite the obvious benefits of clay, women aren’t ready for their mates to find them with skin the same shade as Shrek’s. You have to suffer to be beautiful but avoid showing it! Getting a mask therefore lands in 15th position for embarrassing beauty secrets according to the Daily Mail poll.

Put toothpaste on our pimples

Inherited from adolescence, this tip can be useful when you do not have specific care. But it is clear that this beauty secret is far from glamorous. It is one of those that we hide at all costs. To keep the flame alive, we must also preserve the mystery. Thus, a fifth of the women interviewed by Feelunique affirm that no matter the level of intimacy, they will never let their partner discover what is hidden behind the bathroom door.

Using anti-aging creams

Fine lines and wrinkles are a real nightmare! To erase the signs of aging, women invest in anti-aging creams. But there is no question of applying it when your partner is nearby, this practice belongs to the secret garden of women and ranks thirteenth for embarrassing beauty practices.

Whiten teeth

Beautiful teeth and an ultra-bright smile are perfect for seducing. But women like men to believe that everything is the work of the good fairy leaning over their crib, not the work of a good dentist or a homemade whitening kit. For women surveyed by the Daily Mail, this beauty secret is in sixth place.

Pluck your eyebrows

A beautiful look often coincides with a perfect eyebrow plucking. But it is a beauty gesture that women are reluctant to reveal to their man. An essential practice because the eyebrows have practically become a fashion accessory during haute couture shows, and stars like Cara Delevingne have put them back in the spotlight.

Wearing shaping underwear

Sometimes having a great flat stomach under a tight dress is due to the use of shapely underwear. A third of the women confessed to Feelunique that they would be ashamed of their death if their man learned their beauty secrets. This one is particularly difficult to confess, nobody wants to relive the cult scene of Bridget Jones!

Remove dead skin and other calluses from the feet

Summer is approaching and showing off pretty feet in the latest fashionable shoes is becoming a necessity. But having beautiful feet requires care, attention that women are not ready to admit to men. They would hate to be caught removing dead skin and calluses from their feet, according to the Daily Mail. A concern that comes high in the survey, since it is the fifth most cited beauty secret.

Depilate or shave your facial hair

Hair is definitely the main concern of women. On the second step of the podium, women cite the removal of unwanted hair on the face. If women are so keen on keeping their beauty routine a secret, it is because according to the survey carried out by the Feelunique site, 35% of them think that their men could leave them by discovering them.

Depilate or shave the hair on the toes

Femininity is synonymous with hairless skin. Thus in 2006, a study carried out by the IPSOS institute revealed that 37% of women felt that it was very important to wax to be physically attractive. The most embarrassing practice is waxing or shaving the hair on your toes, according to the Daily Mail poll. A practice that becomes essential when sandals make their comeback.

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