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“WhatsApp” launches a feature that millions have been waiting for for years

The people in charge of the “WhatsApp” application announced the launch of a feature in the application that users have been waiting for for a long time.

The new feature provides the ability to use the “WhatsApp” account on one of several devices and phones at the same time, in addition to the main device on which the account was activated, the user can now use this account by 4 other devices or phones, without the need to log out of the account on the device. It is now possible to use all devices to receive and send messages at the same time.

And those in charge of “WhatsApp” indicated that the new feature will be available in the application dedicated to web networks via tablets, office or home computers as well, and without this matter affecting the privacy of data and messages on those devices, in the event that the main device on which the account was activated is not Active for a long time all other devices that have been linked to the app account will be automatically logged out.

According to the available information, “WhatsApp” has begun to launch a new update for the application that carries with it the aforementioned feature, and the update is supposed to reach all users in the coming weeks, and the update will also carry with it features that facilitate the process of entering the application from several devices without relying on the “QR” code.

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