Why do people fly in their dreams?

Dreaming of flying is a fascinating experience, that often gives us a feeling of freedom and happiness. But what does this type of dream really mean? What are the causes and consequences of these nocturnal flights? Here are some elements of answer.

The origins of flying dreams

Flying dreams can have different origins, depending on the context and the details of the dream. Some possible sources are:

  • Psychological factors: Flying dreams can reflect our emotional state, our desires, our fears, or our aspirations. For example, flying can symbolize the need to escape from a stressful situation, the wish to achieve a goal, the fear of falling, or the aspiration to transcend our limits.
  • Physiological factors: Flying dreams can also be influenced by our body sensations, such as the blood circulation, the breathing, the heartbeat, or the muscle relaxation. For example, flying can be associated with a feeling of lightness, a sensation of vertigo, a change of rhythm, or a state of hypnosis.
  • Cultural factors: Flying dreams can also be inspired by our cultural background, our beliefs, our myths, or our fantasies. For example, flying can represent a spiritual journey, a divine intervention, a mythical creature, or a superpower.

The meanings of flying dreams

Flying dreams can have different meanings, depending on the way we fly, the place we fly, the people we fly with, or the obstacles we encounter. Here are some possible interpretations:

  • Flying by your own impulse: This can symbolize the desire to be free, to escape from the pressures or constraints of everyday life, to express your creativity, or to explore new horizons.
  • Flying low: This can indicate a more closed and reserved personality, who knows how to manage emotions and feelings, who is realistic and pragmatic, or who prefers stability and security.
  • Flying beyond the clouds: This can mean that the moment is favorable for new passions, for closeness, or for positive changes in existing relationships, that you are optimistic and confident, or that you have a high self-esteem and a strong sense of identity.
  • Flying with someone else: This can announce a great love that will enter your life, or a strengthened complicity with a close person, that you are loyal and faithful, or that you have a good communication and a mutual understanding.
  • Flying over the sea, gardens, parks or forests: This can represent important achievements in the professional sector, that you are ambitious and determined, or that you have a lot of skills and talents.
  • Flying and falling: This can be a warning that you need to let go of your insecurity and believe more in yourself, that you are facing a challenge or a difficulty, or that you need to be more careful and cautious.

These interpretations are not absolute truths, but clues to better understand your dreams. Dreams are often related to your life, your emotions, your aspirations, or your fears. It is therefore important to take into account your personal situation and your feeling during the dream.

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