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YesChef is pioneering a new approach to learning how to cook the best food in the world, offering an experience that combines cinematic storytelling with immersive, hands-on education. Every YesChef class takes students on a globe-trotting culinary journey to destinations like Italy, Argentina, Jamaica, and India, going inside the kitchens of world-renowned chefs like Jamie Oliver, Kwame Onwachi, Nancy Silverton, Asma Khan, and Francis Mallmann. 

In addition to mastering principle cooking techniques, hundreds of signature recipes, new cuisines, and chef personal stories, students of all levels learn how to recreate iconic dishes at home like Jamie Oliver’s pasta bianco and Sunday roast, Francis Mallmann’s empanadas and steak with chimichurri, Nancy Silverton’s Caesar salad and roasted potatoes with bagna cauda, Kwame Onwuachi’s Jamaican patties and braised oxtails, Asma Khan’s samosas with tomato chutney and chicken curry. 

Watch, learn, and cook the most delicious food in the world, without leaving your kitchens, streaming video lessons anytime, from anywhere on their smartphone, computer, tablet, or TV.

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