You want to protect your data against hacking, here is the key to Titan

Google on Thursday unveiled the key to protect Titan, “one key,” which provides the user with a binary verification code (2FA), which makes penetration of user data more difficult, if not impossible.

But what is the key to protecting Titan from other security keys?

Google says Titan Keys are based on FIDO standards developed by major online marketing companies such as PayPal. The devices are also designed to prevent physical intrusion of the device body to obtain the key encryption processor.

The encryption processor is designed in the Google factory and sealed in the key chip so that it cannot be unzipped without the processor being damaged and then shipped to the production line, making the key more secure by terms of manufacture.

Google, in collaboration with Ubiku and XP, will provide Google employees with keys to use with other protection tools.

Even if not political or human rights activist or journalists, but you are afraid of being a target for hackers, Titan Key offers you protection not only on Google accounts, but it also works on Box paths, Twitter, Facebook, Hub Jet and other services that support FIDO standards, according to the video featured on Google’s blog.

The Titan dongle retails for $ 50 from the Google store and includes a bluetooth dongle, a USB dongle, and the connectors you need.

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